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The United International Pageant System is a pageant system that unites women from around the world to bring awareness of cultural diversity and be an ambassador for their Country. It is a pageant system that is shaking up the pageant industry by reinforcing the dreams of women who have worked hard to achieve. 

The United International Pageant System defines a Queen as someone who is unwavering in their confidence, someone who listens to the needs of others, someone who impacts the world to make a difference.

Our mission is to Be the Difference. Each contestant chooses their own platform and raises awareness for education, research and ultimately funding for their cause. UIP focuses on each contestants’ platform, the involvement in community and the emphasis on individuality. Contestants are judged on interview 25%, Resort Wear 20%, Evening Wear 20%, Red Carpet Fashion Runway 20% or Talent 20%, Platform/Social Media 15%.

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